Best pipe for 220

Questions and Answers about the best carb and Head mods available for the KDX.
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Re: Best pipe for 220

Post by KDXGarage » 09:32 pm Dec 28 2018

I understand on the gearing for hills.

What are the commercially available options? forum member doakley participating in National Enduro series:
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Re: Best pipe for 220

Post by SquachRider » 09:40 pm Dec 28 2018

I know there is a 10 oz one that I have seen.

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Re: Best pipe for 220

Post by SS109 » 10:08 pm Jan 10 2019

I know you're talking about the power but everything must work together to build confidence with the bike. Have you dialed in your suspension? Sag, springs, fresh oil, etc? If not, I would do that before changing the power delivery in any way.

As for the power, a FWW on the already heavy KDX will definitely tame it down and would be your best bet. However, you're saying you don't have the power to climb big hills. Lower gearing and the Gnarly Woods pipe will help that but at the expense of making the power snappier (stronger) on the bottom. The tires you run can make a significant difference as well. Like I said, everything works together as a whole to get the bike doing what you want. Always start with the the suspension. It makes a big impact on how the bike hooks up and handles the power from the engine.
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