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kdx 250 1994 few questions

Posted: 01:36 pm Jun 14 2023
by mikeybikey
reporsted from usa kdx250 section............

I have a 93 kdx250 which I recently bought to restore. Its all looks fairly original and looks like the 6000 miles showing is correct , downside is it's been left outside for a long time so plenty of work to do.

Can anyone answer the following queries .................

Was the original swing arm bare aluminium or was it painted ?

The bike has not been started for 8 years but has great compression and after I de-rust the tank I want to try and start it. The autolube still has oil in it and the oil feed line is full, so before I start it is there anyway to make 100% sure the autolube is working and feeding the engine ?

Same with the engine coolant, its showing half way in the rear reservoir and you can see it in the rad, should I go ahead and start it or any suggestions of checks etc to see if it working ?

I am not going to respray the frame, but there are rusty scuffs around footpeg area of frame and I want to fit some new green frame protectors. I have seen them for the kdx200 but not kdx250, anyone got any ideas ?

Lastly , any tips for getting the swing arm out ?

Thanks Mike

Re: kdx 250 1994 few questions

Posted: 06:09 pm Jul 11 2023
by kdxdazz
parts fiche shows its painted silver, to get the swingarm out is a general term,what exactly is the issue

Re: kdx 250 1994 few questions

Posted: 04:10 pm Sep 05 2023
by Chuck78
If you are having difficulty getting the swingarm pivot bilt out, use kroil or similar high wnd penetrating oil, lay bike on it's sode, and flood the areas with penetrant. Tap the bolt with a mallet while spraying, back and forth with the nut on but loosened 1 rotation.
Let sit a day, flip over and repeat with bike laid over on the other side.

The bolt gets rusty and wedges itself into the engine case as well as sometimes rusting to the inner bearing races.

A press is the last resort.

Always clean and grease the swingarm bolt and axles themselves so that they won't rust in place.

And clean / lubricate your linkage and swing arm bearings annually, as they can see a lot of water ingress.