kdx200 sr inlet manifold

Discussion specific to KDX models not sold in the USA
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rob the snail
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kdx200 sr inlet manifold

Post by rob the snail »

can anyone confirm the correct part number for my 1990 kdx200 sr inlet manifold. It has a 28mm carb so the standard inlet wont fit
i have looked at part # 16065-1194, i think this is correct but not sure.
Mine is cracked and needs replacing, any leads pls
I am in australia
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Re: kdx200 sr inlet manifold

Post by Pawlos312 »

Hello, yes - 16065-1194 is a SR's manifold. You could buy chinese copy from eBay, it's a pretty good quality and it's super-cheap.
I wish the Chinese made it to the E version :D .
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