Engine KDX250SR swap into KDX125SR

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Engine KDX250SR swap into KDX125SR

Post by krischy » 10:09 am Apr 21 2021

Hello guys! Do you think it is possible to swap them? I own a KDX250 but without documents and i found cheap kdx125 road legal in very good condition. Do you think i can swap the 250 into 125 chassis? Any help will be apriciated.

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Re: Engine KDX250SR swap into KDX125SR

Post by KDXGarage » 11:19 am Apr 21 2021

Hello. Please do not make two new threads asking the same question in two different subforums.

I doubt you can do it without cutting the welding the frame. I guarantee you can not put a KDX250 engine in a 125 frame by just removing one and putting the other one in. The engine is a fair amount larger.
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