2001 KDX200J ADR wiring?

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2001 KDX200J ADR wiring?

Post by KdxLiam » 12:01 am Oct 21 2019

Im looking to get my Australian 2001 KDX200J with the ADR plate roadworthy, just so i can legally ride some of the trails and tracks here.

It has what looks like most of the wiring there, but im having trouble working out what is what and what is missing.

Ive spent hours upon hours searching high and low for manuals or wiring diagrams with no luck, i cant even find one for sale anywhere. There isnt even much in the way of forum posts about this bike either, theres practically no information (that i can find)

The closest thing i can find is the KDX200F wiring diagram which is similar but does not seem to he the same and is of limited help

Anyway if anyone could point me in the right direction, help me out, or has a manual i can buy or look at it would be much appreciated.


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Re: 2001 KDX200J ADR wiring?

Post by KDXGarage » 03:39 am Oct 21 2019

Welcome to kdxrider. Good luck on the search.
Thank you for participating on kdxrider.net. :bravo:
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Re: 2001 KDX200J ADR wiring?

Post by shauno » 02:09 am Jan 27 2020

Hi Liam, Did you have any luck? I am trying to find the same wiring diagram or service manual for my J model.


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