Kdx200sr KIPS Valves/Piston/Rings - Sourcing parts?

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Kdx200sr KIPS Valves/Piston/Rings - Sourcing parts?

Post by Spoogebob » 05:10 pm Sep 10 2019

Hi all,

Had my kdx around 9 months and decided to have true engine torn down and rebuilt as it was well overdue! Sure enough the top end needs replacing, KIPS are stripped/snapped and I need a new con rod... Trouble is

I’m having a real hard time finding parts? Having looked up part numbers for the piston/kips etc they seem to all differ from those specified for the E-series (which has parts more readily available).

Does anyone here know if the KIPS are the same across models? (I’m trying to source steel replacements)? Also, does anyone know where I can get a piston kit which will fit/work?

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Re: Kdx200sr KIPS Valves/Piston/Rings - Sourcing parts?

Post by KDXGarage » 08:20 pm Sep 10 2019

Welcome to kdxrider.net.

Look at BDK Engineering in the UK. They might know if the subvalves they make will work on your model.

Good luck.
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Re: Kdx200sr KIPS Valves/Piston/Rings - Sourcing parts?

Post by Hooters » 04:59 am Nov 03 2019

I've ordered some KIPS valves from motoduro.. Should be here soon so I can let you know how they go in my SR when they get here.

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