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Stock fork oil height

Posted: 03:13 pm Jan 22 2023
by DonnyV
Just wandering what you guys run your fork oil level at. The book says 85mm to 100mm, race tech web site says 130mm. I know it won't be the same for everyone but wanted to get some feedback on this. I already have springs and 4mm of preload with 5wt oil at 90mm, oh and 2 shims removed. Waiting on warmer weather to do a refresh on the oil, it's been two years

Re: Stock fork oil height

Posted: 08:37 pm Feb 03 2023
by Slick_Nick
Well it depends what you want. On those forks, the oil height will have the greatest effect on the dampening at the end of the stroke. If you want more bottoming resistance, raise the oil level.

Re: Stock fork oil height

Posted: 10:21 pm Feb 07 2023
by kdxdazz
Your weight will be a factor too, as a lighter guy I run mine about 140mm. Your 5wt might not mean much as every brand can be different, I've found if you are trying to find tune those forks make yourself a little home made viscosity tester, that way you have a baseline, I run motul 2.5w as I want fast rebound

Re: Stock fork oil height

Posted: 06:07 am Feb 08 2023
by KDXGarage
I just want to congratulate you on getting the two shims out AND going with 4 mm of preload!

On oil level, adjust to control bottoming. Start low and add. It is a lot easier than removing. :-)