2020 KDX 220 project restore

Discussion specific to the 1995 - 2006 KDX200 (H Series) and 1995 - 2005 KDX220R (A Series) models sold in the USA
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Re: 2020 KDX 220 project restore

Post by kdxsully » 06:42 pm Mar 22 2020

If I buy China stuff, I look for a warranty. Usually would be a company that jacks up the price, but at least I can break some stuff and get another.
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Re: 2020 KDX 220 project restore

Post by KDXMainer » 07:14 pm May 20 2020

What brand is that frame guard on your brake side? Hoping to find a nice steel set for both sides.
Wish I could find someone with your skills in southern Maine to help give my bike a makeover looks great
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Re: 2020 KDX 220 project restore

Post by treedodger » 10:01 am May 21 2020

The two companies I’ve found that still make good bolt on guards for KDX:

Devol racing
Works connection

I have some KDX specific stuff from both these guys and like them for price/quality/fit/looks.

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