want to ride in canada, From WA state

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want to ride in canada, From WA state

Post by newbbewb »

I'm kinda scratching my head here looking for answers. What does it take to just bust the bike out and legally ride canadian trails? Do you guys require insurance? permits? park passes? I'll be in BC and Alberta 5-6 times this year, should I bring my bike? I see the hills, I wanna ride!
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Re: want to ride in canada, From WA state

Post by wheelin4fun »

In Alberta you need registration and insurance. I'm sure you can always play the American card though. Not sure about B.C. though. Some great trails out here not far from Calgary. Lots of single track from beginner to advance.
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want to ride in canada, From WA state

Post by Slick_Nick »

While insurance and registration are "required" here in Alberta to ride on crown land, nobody has it. You'd be ok without and on the odd chance you're the poor bugger out of a million caught, just pull the American card and the friendly ranger will let you go, eh?

Private land nothing is required.
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