Riding in New Mexico, suggestions needed where to ride

Reviews of riding areas...
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Riding in New Mexico, suggestions needed where to ride

Post by Curly »

I'm in Colorado and need to do some riding this winter.

There's a strong chance I'll do a business trip to Clovis, NM in February and I'll most likely bring the KDX with me.

Any suggestions/recommendations for winter riding in NM?

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Re: Riding in New Mexico, suggestions needed where to ride

Post by Chuck78 »

SS109 on here does a lot of riding in the desert southwest, as I believe he's located in Arizona. He may have some further insights on where to ride.

I have friends who live in the Boulder area as well as in Albuquerque New Mexico, and I had searched briefly in the past and saw several OHV trail areas or multi-use OHV legal trails South of Colorado Springs and in Northern New Mexico. It looks like there's quite a lot of riding to be had down there.

Up at elevations above the base of the front range, you definitely will have a lot of snow in the winter to deal with...
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