Top Trails Talladega Alabama

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Top Trails Talladega Alabama

Post by treelimb » 06:46 am Apr 10 2019

went riding there on saturday,march 30 I think it was and was really tickled and giddy. I had gone about 5 years ago or less than that I can't recall, anyway then it was in it's infancy and not all that. Fast forward to the present and they advertise 12 miles of single track m/c trail in addition to the dozens or more for those atvs,side by sides,razors,vw rails,etc. There were literally hundreds of vehicles other than dirt bikes there when i arrived and they kept coming in.
So found the entrance to the single track expecting mediocre and was elated after about 10 minutes as I realized that I may be in for a workout. i was and actually got one as the single track meandered all over the place providing challenging and very tight terrain. It was all i desired for one day while measuring closer to 13.3 miles as opposed to the 12 advertised. Never saw another dirt bike on the trail but did spot several in the parking lots. I parked well away from trailhead not knowing there is a smaller lot right at the beginning/end of the single track.
It was well worth the 8o mile drive for me one way but others may disagree. I never had an issue with the other drivers(riders?) of 4 wheeled vehicles but did have to cross over a few main roads trails several times to continue on the not very well marked single track. I had to look for the trail ribbons more than I should have but reported it to the office.
A good ride for variety and if Top trails is remotely close to you,head on over. Not a Highland Park but that is cool as I like variety and I got it at Top trails. had porta pottys for toilets at parking lots and a real bathroom at check in main office.
I will go again.

I MUST ADD: Momentum is your friend over about 1/3 of the single track here. when in doubt,gas it and think about ol' treelimb's advice. there are many hills and inclines. SMILES are plenty man. switchbacks are plenty and tight is an understatement overall. whew. makes me want to drive the 80 miles again thinking about my last ride there.

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Re: Top Trails Talladega Alabama

Post by KDXGarage » 08:13 am Apr 10 2019

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