Durahmtown, GA

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Durahmtown, GA

Post by Malibu406 » 02:35 am May 04 2020

We took a trip from PA to Durahmtown riding park in GA.

Great trip overall. Dont expect much from their cabins, which are just old RV campers. Better than a tent, but thats about it. However they are on site and priced ok.

Tracks. I think there a 15 tracks there. Due to grooming usually 4 or 5 are closed each day. Ranges from pee-wee to no-freaking way am I doing that. Well maintained.

Ok, we have kdx’s not kx’s. So how are the trails? First, unless its wet, I think a race slick could get enough traction in the GA clay. But, and a big but, if its wet it is downright dangerous. Worse than riding in snow/ice. If you put dozer tracks on the kdx it wouldnt help. There are some nice single track as well as some tight stuff. The main trails used by RV’s are typically wide and fast. All trails are one way and I never had safety issues with crossings or wrong way drivers.

Definitely worth the $25/day. But, if you are picky about accommodations, stay in the hotels roughly 15 miles away.

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Re: Durahmtown, GA

Post by TwistedRoot » 09:53 am May 17 2020

Thats a good ride from PA. Have you heard about this place in southern VA?

Kairos Resort

Thinking about doing a 2 day trip in June. :supz: :mrgreen:
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Re: Durahmtown, GA

Post by lucy » 01:17 pm May 17 2020

If you plan to stay in Durhamtown cabins be sure to take a pad. The "beds" aren't much better than sleeping on the floor.

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