KX fork conversion or Autoclutch

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KX fork conversion or Autoclutch

Post by Dirtdad4 » 01:31 am Dec 11 2006

I have a 2004 KDX 200 and I am ready to start doing some improvements to it. Which would you do first, the forks or an autoclutch ?

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Post by KDXer » 01:46 am Dec 11 2006

FORKS !!! :wink:

You can have the best clutch in the world but whats the point if you can't use it over the bumpy stuff.

Then auto crutch.. :partyman:

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Post by bradf » 07:24 am Dec 11 2006

Fork it
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Post by krazyinski » 07:47 am Dec 11 2006

fork then engine and carb mods save the clutch for last. dont forget the rear shock.
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Post by AZRickD » 11:21 am Dec 13 2006

I read the thread title and said to myself, "Hmmm. If I were to start from scratch, I might consider doing the fork mod first and then all the engine work (very soon after).

But Krazy beat me to it.

I'm curious about the auto-clutch but even with my lousy technique, I still like the ability to have direct control over the clutch in some situations (even if I sometimes neglect to exercise that control).

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Post by skipro3 » 01:17 pm Dec 13 2006

I'll never have another bike without an auto-cluch. Check my gallary for photos and there's a good thread here somewhere with a full discription on how to do it.

Still, Suspension mods first. Then motor. Then auto clutch.
Reason: You can go faster if you can stay ON the bike.
You must have enough motor to fully appreciate the autoclutch. If you ride at altitude, then the motor, stock, is going to have some troubles with an autoclutch.

My KX250 had enough motor and suspension that I could go right to an autoclutch.

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