X- Ring OR O-Ring Chain ?? (which is better)

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X- Ring OR O-Ring Chain ?? (which is better)

Post by beeds3000 » 04:35 pm Jun 03 2006

What is a better chaing X ring or and O ring chain, What is the difference, Also my buddy has a 2001 CR 250 and it came with a bigger wider chain aftermarket, I was wondering how you go about doing that ??? for a 97 KDX 200 you need a 520 with 108 links right ???
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Post by Indawoods » 04:46 pm Jun 03 2006

Links depends on sprockets. If you run a 13/49,50 combo, you need a 520/110 link chain. If your running a 13/47,48 then you need a 520/108.

The O-ring chain will fit a KDX but will more than likely rub you rear chain gulde. I have never heard of one that doesn't.

I have a Primary Drive X-ring chain and it does not. This may be due to the manufacturer's standards and may not be true to all X-ring chains.

X-ring chains are the latest technology and are supposed hold the permanant lubrication better and longer due to the design of the "X" part instead of "O". This is simply referencing a crosscut section of the rubber ring.
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Post by skipro3 » 01:05 pm Jun 04 2006

The design of the "X" provides 2 surfaces on each plane to seal with. The "O" will only have one surface on each plane to seal with. To make the "O" better at sealing, a fatter ring is installed and is squished to provide a thicker gasket-like surface contact.
I would recommend an "X" ring chain since it could be considered to be a backed up seal, is a thinner profile and has less gasket friction than the "O" ring chain. Since I just got one, I don't know if they will last as long as an "O" ring. I've never really worn out an "O" ring before replacing. I just replace them when the links start looking too flat to reliably stay together. Replacing a chain before it fails is not wasteful if you have ever had to extract a bike from the deep woods without a chain.

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Post by fuzzy » 10:56 am Jun 05 2006

Not to mention a broken chain can cause the rear wheel to lock up, and who knows what after that....Brother's friend had this happen on a 250R while cornering, and it chucked him off into a tree breaking his collor bone.
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