stainless steel kips valve?

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stainless steel kips valve?

Post by treelimb » 09:33 am Aug 11 2019

Anyone heard of such or better yet using a set? How are they different from stock and what is so special about them?

One of the guys i ride with references them often and says they have to be ordered of Great Britain with a steep price of around $200.00

I'd be interested in learning more if anyone can share information. I did do a search on here but came up empty. thanks

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Re: stainless steel kips valve?

Post by KDXGarage » 09:57 am Aug 11 2019

I know of a set from BDK Engineering for the 1989 - 1994 KDX's. I have never read about a set for the 1995+ models. The steel valves won't wear out as easily when one lets the valve maintenance go. Baked on carbon, letting it go for years and steel rods don't all go together well.
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