1999 frame vs 2004 frame

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1999 frame vs 2004 frame

Post by bigfatyaj » 04:07 pm Aug 05 2019

Other than colour is a 1999 kdx220 frame the same as a 2004 kdx220 frame. My 1999 frame is cracked and I can get a 2004 frame. I want to make sure it will not have to be modified.

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Re: 1999 frame vs 2004 frame

Post by kdxsully » 04:41 pm Aug 05 2019

Welding the old frame isn’t an option then?
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Re: 1999 frame vs 2004 frame

Post by SS109 » 12:32 am Aug 06 2019

The frames on all US spec KDX's from 1995 and up are all identical other than color. That said, like kdxsully asked, can't you just weld it? Unless some really bad stuff happened to it it would be a lot quicker and easier to just weld it.
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