Blowing bulbs

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Blowing bulbs

Post by Parney » 04:07 am Jun 20 2019

Here is a strange one not sure if it’s normal but front light bulb blew while out due to age this in turn made the back light realllly bright as rpm climbed and Fryed that bulb is it the norm that both bulbs need to work or it dumps the extra power in nearist bulb that’s on😡

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Re: Blowing bulbs

Post by cornishwrecker220 » 11:00 am Jun 20 2019

It's possible that your rectifier/regulator has gone'll find it under your seat & mounted to the frame ....( about the size of a box of matches with fins on it ) .... Check & clean the wires that go into it & spray a Lille WD40 around the terminals .... You may be able to check it's working properly with a multimeter .... They aren't expensive to replace if it's gone.

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Re: Blowing bulbs

Post by KDXGarage » 12:47 pm Jun 20 2019

Which model is it??

All stock parts?
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Re: Blowing bulbs

Post by bufftester » 03:27 pm Jun 20 2019

Yes, check your connections to the Regulator, if its bad, or not connected, you can blow bulbs at high rpm.

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