Sr stator

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Sr stator

Post by Kdxfan4130 » 03:30 pm Jun 19 2019

I seen a stator assembly on a you tube vid that had two lighting coils, it must have been the kdx sr stator I was thinking. How rare or hard to find are those stators? How about parts availability in general?
I restored a Honda trx250r, lots of parts were unavailable since they ceased production in ‘89 so I can understand any lack of parts.
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Re: Sr stator

Post by kdxsully » 03:49 pm Jun 19 2019

Ricky stator has a selection of stators. I think my bike came with a 35w lighting coil, they’re selling one with a 65w, so I guess that kinda rules out the need for two lighting coils. Don’t know how much you get out of the sr though.
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Re: Sr stator

Post by KDXGarage » 10:27 pm Jun 19 2019

I assume zero were imported by Kawasaki into the USA. One guy on here bought one from Europe. If you get one, it is going to have been in Asia, AUS, Europe, etc. to start with.
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