Four stroke KDX

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Four stroke KDX

Post by doakley » 06:11 pm Mar 15 2019

As much as we, as KDX owners, want to see it happen, Kawasaki isn’t likely to bring out a new 2S dirt bike to revive the KDX. So I was thinking, would they modify a KX250F, add some lights, 18” wheel, maybe different rear sprocket if needed ? I’ve never ridden a KX250F, but I read it is has fair low end torque, for an MX bike. I see a few of them in Enduro and hare scramble races. Wonder how well they would do in the woods. Any thoughts?

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Re: Four stroke KDX

Post by KDXGarage » 04:19 am Mar 16 2019

If they do anything, I think it will be something like what Yamaha and Honda have been selling.

I don't think they will do anything anytime soon. It has been ten years since the KLX450R was last sold in the USA. forum member doakley participating in National Enduro series: (current class standing, 4th!)
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