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mystery top end gasket/ring

Posted: 05:36 pm Dec 14 2005
by kdxquebec
I just received my 15$ complete top end gasket kit from ebay but I do not figure what is this part!

Is it a torque ring? or what!

thanks a lot.


Posted: 05:38 pm Dec 14 2005
by Ryan
Hey i got the same thing in my kit. I got an athena gasket set, is that what you got? Anyway i am 99.9% sure it is cause it is the same size as the stock ring

Posted: 05:45 pm Dec 14 2005
by kdxquebec
This is a K&L brand gasket kit .

Yes the diameter is the same as the exaust pipe metal (brass?) gasket.

The mystery metal part is flexible!

Posted: 05:45 pm Dec 14 2005
by m0rie
I've got no idea. The copper ring in the background is the crush ring that is installed between the pipe and the cylinder. Is it the same size as the copper crush ring?

Posted: 05:47 pm Dec 14 2005
by kdxquebec
yes exact same size.

Posted: 05:52 pm Dec 14 2005
by Ryan
so i cant put that big thick thing between my cylinder and my exhuast?

Posted: 05:56 pm Dec 14 2005
by m0rie
Maybe its a vibration damper of sorts?

Posted: 05:59 pm Dec 14 2005
by kdxquebec
Kdx 200 freak! Do not put this thing until you are 100% sure :rolleyes:

Posted: 06:06 pm Dec 14 2005
by Ryan
well i just tried and it wont fit anway in the cylinder It is just a tad too big. It wouldnt do nothing even if it did fit. It would act as a torque ring that FRP sells for $10 on their site. Now i really dont know what it is.

Posted: 06:17 pm Dec 14 2005
It looks like a crush gasket to me. A torque ring would be solid aluminum I would think.
Is the brass/copper gasket thinner? If so, maybe the thinner one is to be used with a torque ring and the thicker without a torque ring?

Posted: 06:19 pm Dec 14 2005
by kdxquebec
Wont fit?

Fit like a glove in mine.


kdxphil= yes the brass gasket is thinner but I do not stick to you theory :mrgreen:

Posted: 06:35 pm Dec 14 2005
by m0rie
The thin copper one is the only one that is shown in the parts diagrams.

Posted: 07:05 pm Dec 14 2005
by Indawoods
Are you guys sure you didn't get the gasket "Grab bag"? :mrgreen:

Posted: 07:17 pm Dec 14 2005
by canyncarvr
The Ebag Grab?

Sometimes vendors include gaskets for different models in the same 'kit'. It's easier/more cost efficient to add a $.01 gasket to a kit that won't be used 40% of the time than it is to stock different PNs in different places for the two slightly different applications.

Some pipe 'gaskets' may be different from the more common copper type?

Maybe it's the overseas model! :wink:

Posted: 07:21 pm Dec 14 2005
by IdahoCharley
I'm with CC on this one. Gaskets for different world wide models - do our Austrailen friends know what it is??

Posted: 07:22 pm Dec 14 2005
by Ryan
i didnt get mine on ebay, i got it on bikebandit they are overpriced on most things but they had a good deal on this.

Posted: 07:47 pm Dec 14 2005
by Indawoods
It usually doesn't matter where you got it... it's who made it.
A kit generally does have gaskets for all models... kinda like a Quadrajet rebuild kit, you only use about 1/3 the gaskets and parts....

I must have 5 partial quadrajet rebuild kits in the garage. :mrgreen:

Posted: 08:31 pm Dec 14 2005
Yes, I would agree also, especially if it fits Kdxquebec's and not Kdx220freak's.

Funny thing, I replaced my stock pipe with a Rev pipe recently and there was no gasket at all, just the o-rings. I bought the bike new and no gasket!

Posted: 10:28 pm Dec 14 2005
by NM_KDX200
So THATS why I come up with all those extra gaskets...

If it fits in the pipe hole, then I'd use it for a torque spacer, whether or not that's the intended purpose.

Posted: 02:41 pm Dec 15 2005
by fuzzy
Quadrajet's...LOL. Yeah, I don't think I've ever used more than 50% of one of those kits...