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Post by Kirgan » 09:27 pm Sep 12 2018

Hello all from southern Illinois. I recently got a great deal on a 1984 kdx250. It was road hard and needs about 1 of everything but runs and rides. It needs a lot of love but at least everything is there that should be. I grew up on and around bikes but this is my first kdx and first bike in over 17 years. I have big plans for this bike but want to do it justice. As I figure out how to post pictures and such I will gladly give updates with it's progress. Any knowledge or critique on my project is welcome.

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Re: Introduction

Post by KDXGarage » 10:43 pm Sep 12 2018

Welcome to :bravo:

Good luck on the KDX250. Look on to see the OEM parts diagrams. It will really help when trying to figure out "what goes where" and if anything is missing. Also, they are just about the cheapest big place that sells OEM parts that I have found. Just remember that it is not a Ford F-150, so several parts will be unavailable from a dealer. You can look on eBay or elsewhere.

The best money you will ever spend is to buy a "Owner's Manual & Service Manual" on eBay or elsewhere for your bike.

You might want to post the VIN to be sure it is indeed a 1984 if you are not certain. There have been a few people who bought used bikes from someone who told them it was a certain year, then it turns out to be a different year, usually after buying the wrong parts. :shock:
Thank you Julien D for all your hard work!

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Post by SS109 » 01:26 am Sep 13 2018

Welcome! I'm eager to see your progress.
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