Hey! TTR230 to KDX 200; Upgrade?

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Re: Hey! TTR230 to KDX 200; Upgrade?

Post by rungrandpa » 09:51 am Nov 29 2019

"Common/must do upgrades for an 01 KDX 200?"
I would be getting the bike jetted properly (if needed) and setting up the suspension for your weight and riding style before anything else.
If you ride trails in the woods I think stock forks work pretty well as long as you have the proper springs for your weight in there. If you find yourself bombing along going fast a fork upgrade becomes more important in my experience.

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Re: Hey! TTR230 to KDX 200; Upgrade?

Post by KDXGarage » 10:44 am Nov 29 2019

Consider a fork oil change and shock oil change

cleaning and regreasing steering, swingarm, linkage bearings
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Re: Hey! TTR230 to KDX 200; Upgrade?

Post by kvkdx » 12:59 pm Jan 10 2020

Ive ridden both and now own a KDX 220 and cant be happier, Youll have to ride and learn the clutch as a 2 stroke you need it more, but that will come w seat time. The 230 is great and lugs and can "go" anywhere to big trail bikes can go, however its not fast and doesnt beat anyone there, your always the last to arrive for the water break when on the 230, KDX not the case, I can hang and stay with any Beat, KTM etc and I do it just the same performance but for a lot cheaper I love KDX

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