New User with a lot of work to do

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New User with a lot of work to do

Post by dc2012 » 10:00 am Jun 06 2019

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum but a long time reader. I have a 98 KDX200 that I am currently getting maintenanced so it can go back on the trails. It was bought by my uncle, then went to my dad, now i bought it and brought it down here to the Austin,TX area. My uncle was 6'7" and I am 5'4" and 155 So I need to lower it. It doesn't look like you can still buy the Kouba links anymore so I'm going to be making some at my shop. If anyone also needs a set let me know and I'll be happy to look at an making extra set. They will be steel and look like the factory. Any recommendations on center to center length for someone my size? I am also not a big fan of purple so I'm changing out all the purple stuff to black. I'm currently working with swiftkicker to make a kickstand for it that will adjust better to the changes in height. So with all that being said this forum has been invaluable. The bike has been jetted for 40:1. Its still a bit rich. I'm wondering if it needs that gasket replaced under the security screws. Anyway, anyone know a good place to buy jets? Also, any recommendations for brake fluid? I don't think its ever been changed. Any riders in central Texas? I know I threw a lot in the post. Thanks for suggestions or help!


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Re: New User with a lot of work to do

Post by KDXGarage » 03:21 pm Jun 06 2019

Welcome to

Congratulations on the KDX!

jetsrus or sudco sell jets

If normal car brake fluid does not work for you, then go to the fancy motorcycle fluid. I might try DOT 4 instead of 3, though.

Good luck on the work. Enjoy the riding. forum member doakley participating in National Enduro series: (current class standing, 4th!)
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Re: New User with a lot of work to do

Post by bufftester » 06:51 am Jun 08 2019

Welcome and congrats on the new bike. If it idles and the air screw makes a difference when adjusting it then the jet block gasket is likely fine. Stock jetting is very rich, so no surprise that at 40:1 it's still rich. Run through the jetting guide and you'll get it dialed in pretty quickly. For lowering links you can usually find the Koubas on ebay or even on here from time to time. The stock links are 112.5mm center-center on the holes. I don't remember the exact but something like 12 mm in link length equates to 35mm in lowering. There is a limit to how much you can lower, and you have to make adjustments on the front end by sliding the fork tubes up in the triple clamps to keep the geometry in the ballpark. DOT4 fluid works good, if its bad you may have to flush really well first.

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Re: New User with a lot of work to do

Post by VTMTcowboy » 10:04 am Jun 08 2019

Welcome to the forum!

Depending on what jets and needle position you are currently running it would be hard to tell what is going on. I run the factory suggested 32:1 and had to go down to a 155 main, 52 pilot, stock needle clip position and about 2 turns out on the air screw. It still runs a little rich, but I am ok it with it based on where and what I generally ride. There is a great jetting database for KDXs on Thumper Talk that was helpful in giving me direction when I got the bike. Not always a fan of that forum, but it is still dirt bike related so I find the the good in it haha.

Can't really help you with info about lowering the bike as I am 6'2" s the KDX seems smaller to me.

For brake fluid DOT4 works great. I agree with Bufftester, just flush it and start from new.

Bought my jets from Jetsrus as KDXGarage suggested. I went with the "factory" ones that were a little more expensive instead of the generic ones.

After you transition the bike to black plastics; if you have any purple items you may want to sell, let me know!?

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Re: New User with a lot of work to do

Post by kdxsully » 09:07 pm Jun 09 2019

Congratulations on upgrading from a lurker to a contributor! It's fulfilling.
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