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Classified Rules

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Please pay attention to the few new rules listed below if you are listing a for sale item, and follow them.

#1 Provide your location in your listing! This is important, even if your location is in your profile.

#2 Post an asking price. This is not an auction site. If you are going to list an item, you should know what you want out of it. Items for trade should also include a cash price, unless you have a specific item(s) you wish to trade for. Price negotiations should be handled via email or PM.

#3 Pictures are strongly suggested when advertising parts or whole bikes for sale. If you do not provide any in the initial post, be sure you are able to provide pictures upon request.

As a disclaimer:
KDXRIDER.NET provides this section as a convenience to it's members, and cannot place guarantees on any transactions taking place. Any fraudulent sellers will of course be reported and banned, but beyond that, you buy and sell at your own risk.