KDX175 Air Filter Question

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KDX175 Air Filter Question

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Does the 1980 KDX175 air filter come with a mesh metal cage? I can not find pictures of an original OEM filter. Does the 1981 - 1982 OEM filter include a plastic cage? I can not find a picture of an OEM original picture filter for those models either. I get the impression that if one does not have the OEM filter, then there is no plastic cage to mount a 1981 - 1982 UNI brand air filter, for example. Without having hands on one right in front of me, I am wondering if the 1980 UNI air filter will work (or be required) if one does not have the 1981 - 1982 air cage. The OEM diagrams do not show a separate air filter cage, just one part number for the apparent combo.

I hope that makes sense. :grin:

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