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DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 08:39 am May 10 2018
by targetman
Anyone using the DG pipe on their '86 - 88' ? Buddy is running the silencer, but he says the pipe is not a perfect fit. Can anyone confirm weather or not the pipe fits without rubbing anything?

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 09:04 am May 13 2018
by pkenney
I just put a DG pipe on my 86, it fit fine.
Was close to the frame near the seat but was probably the result of my silencer being bent.
I unbent it and there is clearance.

Have not had it in the woods yet but it does seem to make more power in the back yard.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 01:49 pm Dec 18 2018
by Chuck78
Do they still make a pipe for the 86-88? Does anyone else? As soon as you enter Kawasaki as the make under their Enduro section, the only thing that it pops up is 84-85 KDX200.
I'm slowly on the hunt for an 86 - 88. Looking for aftermarket pipe options. 91-94 KX125 fork upgrade (or DRZ250 conventional cartridge if I decide inverted looks too modern on it), possibly upgrade to rear disc brake after some welding on the swing arm. Send head & 88 carb to Ron Black, or else go Lectron on the carb. Tubliss & some killer tires. KDX175 round headlight & LED retrofit... That is the eventual dream of my ultimate woods bike.

Meanwhile, the 99 KDX220 is more than enough, performance-wise.


Chuck in Ohio

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 02:33 pm Dec 18 2018
by KDXGarage
I think Ron Black does not modify old PWK's anymore.

I wish FMF still made a pipe for '86 - '88. It is great!

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 05:23 pm Dec 18 2018
by Chuck78
Awwww darnit....
Maybe some extra money and a nice condition 1988 PWK35 carb might persuade him?
Could go Lectron but still no divider plate there & not yet optimized for the KDX as the Ron Black mods would be much closer. I would pay close to new Lectron $ for a Ron Black modded '88 KDX200 PWK35 carb...

It's nearly the exact same carb as the newer 95-06 KDX200H PWK35 versions except for the choke lever, and the idle and mixture screws are on the opposite side.

I'd much rather give Ron Black my money than paying a crazy amount for Lectron.

Is there anyone that advertises custom pipes for the 86-88 kdx200? Or any KX pipe that is a close fit?

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 06:13 pm Dec 18 2018
by KDXGarage
I have seen no custom pipes.

I doubt a KX pipe would fit. If it did, it would work poorly due to tuning.

PSI, FMF, Krause and DMC made pipes back then.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 09:47 am Dec 21 2018
by pkenney
DG does still make the 86-88 pipe.
I had to call to confirm but I bought mine new in May.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 11:44 pm Dec 21 2018
by Chuck78
AWESOME! Thanks to KDXGarage, I have a good line on an 88 KDX200!

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 01:06 am Dec 22 2018
by KDXGarage
You get a line, and I'll get a pole now, honey. HA HA

I really hope you get it. Take a step back emotionally before rushing in with the wallet. Trust me. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 01:28 am Dec 22 2018
by Chuck78
Well my brother and several friends would be waiting in line to buy my 99 KDX220 if I got my dream bike, the 88 KDX200... Although the 99 would definitely be beyond argument the is better bike with a better frame, and almost completely set up as good as a KDX gets. But I badly want the more vintage bike, and air-cooled especially is the big deal for me. Then secondary are the looks.
The 99 has a ported cylinder and 2001 KX500 forks, and I would not plan on putting forks that modern (from a technology standpoint) on an 88, probably 2001-2004 DR-Z 250 conventional, non-inverted cartridge forks as they should slide right into the triples. If going inverted, it would be 1991 - 1994 KX 125 inverted forks. Smaller tube diameter but still inverted, will give more steering clearance for the really tight stuff, and I won't have to hassle with a mid-valve on a bike that I'm not going to be riding more than 45 or 50 mph often. Mostly tighter woods riding.

I would have to convert it to a rear disc, which would mean welding a different stop on the swing arm as another member has done oh, then it would be straightforward. Then lectron carb, or try and $$$coerce$$$ Ron Black to do all of his mods on the 88 carb. DG pipe and Tusk pipe protector, Neutech Tubliss. Shinko 216 or 546 front, Sedona 907, Shinko R505 Cheater, Shinko 520, or MotoZ Arena Hybrid Gumy rear tires...

Down the line I might consider having the cylinder ported. Probably have the head cut ASAP as well for more compression. I am in the habit of only running high octane anyway for the extra additives. Might even start buying Sunoco or VP Race fuels.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 02:59 am Dec 22 2018
by KDXGarage
Hopefully, you can keep both.

I think it requires four brackets. I looked at mine years ago. I think there was the swingarm caliper mount hanger, bracket for rear brake pedal spring holder, rear master cylinder holder and maybe one for a pedal stop??

I DID NOT ride it, but I swapped my E wheel onto my '87. I used a 3 mm washer either from a C or E. I am not 100% sure on alignment, as this was at least 12 years ago. I never got around to a conversion, but going to E stuff did not look too tough back then.

Get the bike in the garage before you go shopping in your head. :-) Some parts are hard to find or NOT cheap.

Company bonus money well spent (pic below) :lol:
0314151855.jpg (629.29 KiB) Viewed 729 times

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 08:29 am Dec 22 2018
by Chuck78
Inspiration, & rear brake swap affirmation, kawagumby's 87 KDX200C2 thread link and a photo:



Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 12:54 pm Dec 22 2018
by KDXGarage
Man! That looks great!

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 08:13 pm Dec 23 2018
by pkenney
Kawagumby's bike was an inspiration for me too.
On my 86 I used a 2002 KX125 donor for the rear wheel, brake/Master cylinder, forks and front wheel.
The rear wheel fit in the KDX swingarm fine with the addition of a spacer on the right (around 1/4")
I also used a Tusk 18" hoop and spokes for the 19" KX rear wheel.
I did need to weld a bracket for the master cylinder and an additional strut on the back of the brake lever.
I didn't weld to the swingarm but did need to make a caliper bracket that I bolted to the std KDX caliper boss.

Good luck with the project, I have enjoyed my modded 86 and don't miss the old drum brake and forks at all.
I will post some photos once my gallery is setup again.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 06:25 pm Dec 24 2018
by Chuck78
Please do post photos...

And thank you for confirming that DG does in fact still offer a pipe (made to order basis?) for the 86-88 KDX which they do not list on their website. This is great to know.

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 10:18 pm Mar 03 2019
by pkenney
I think I figured out how to post photos.
Looks OK in the preview but let me know if this crashes the site or something!

This is the rear brake setup on my 86 kdx.
Its a 2002 KX125 hub, caliper, and master cylinder.
I fabbed the caliper bracket to match the KX and bolted it to the boss on the KDX swingarm.

Drum brakes suck!

ImageIMG_20180211_121707665 by pat kenney, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20190303_164903 by pat kenney, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20190303_164934 by pat kenney, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20190303_164942 by pat kenney, on Flickr

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 03:24 am Mar 04 2019
by KDXGarage
Thanks for the pics!

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 08:44 pm Mar 09 2019
by Clatter
That’s killer.. Love it.

You knocked that bracket out on a mill?

Re: DG pipe and silencer

Posted: 06:27 pm Mar 10 2019
by pkenney

Yes I made it on a mill.
I cut the KX125 caliper bracket off that swingarm but could not come up with a good way to mount it on the KDX.
I made a profile out of cardboard, traced it on a chunk of aluminum and it worked out great.