1984 KDX200 - Can rear suspension be rebuilt?

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1984 KDX200 - Can rear suspension be rebuilt?

Post by SRRobirds » 05:35 pm Jun 28 2020

Just tearing apart a neglected 1984 KDX200. It doesn't look like the rear shock oil reservoir can be rebuilt, or am I missing something? Is the shock itself rebuildable?

Also, any good substitutes for this suspension, such as newer years?


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Re: 1984 KDX200 - Can rear suspension be rebuilt?

Post by KDXGarage » 12:48 am Jun 29 2020

The shock is rebuildable. Get the OEM "Owner's Manual & Service Manual" off eBay for dirt cheap.

I don't know if the reservoir is rebuildable. I know it has a piston in it, not a bladder.

The shock cap spins off, not pried out like '86 plus.

The manual shows the OEM tool with the two pins that go down into the two holes on the cap.
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