KDX200E differences in the center valve

Discussion specific to the 1989 - 1994 (E Series) KDX200 model sold in the USA
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KDX200E differences in the center valve

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Hello from Poland!
I am restoring the KDX200E from 1990. I was able to complete the original set of aluminum side valves (one new from Kawasaki shop and the other one used in good condition). But I have a question about the central exhaust valve. I have read about the differences in the center valves in the pre- and post-92 years, but I didn't notice that it was clear which one is better. I have two versions of this valve:

Before 92 - the teeth are all around the shaft (notice the hole on the valve guide):

After 92 - the teeth are only on the half of the shaft:

Can someone finally tell me which valve is better and should I use the wave washer (the parts catalog shows that the newer version didn't have it, but just in case I ordered a new one from Kawasaki :D) .

And could you give me some tips on fitting the cylinder with valves? Because I heard that the manual doesn't have instructions for the new version of the central valve.

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Re: KDX200E differences in the center valve

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I am in the middle of rebuilding an e-series KDX engine, and I was just looking at two center valves I have and was wondering why they were different!

Here are two links that I have found as far as getting them installed, the first from this site:



Note, I have not tried either one yet, but hope to this week.
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