Tire pressure

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Re: Tire pressure

Post by JL4049 » 02:10 pm Feb 28 2019

Those battle cross x30s are a great rear tyre for dry, rocky terrain. They are about the worst front tyre I have tried, though they wear really well and give pretty good grip on bitumen.

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Re: Tire pressure

Post by Goat » 06:33 pm Feb 17 2020

My bike came with the Kenda Trackmasters.
I am running 11R / 13F psi.
I have not had any trouble with flats.

Has anyone tried lower than that, reliably?
I do not have Tubliss, yet.

So far they seem to work very well on a variety of stuff.
Mostly rough single track wet, rocks, roots (and tried MX track 2x, but don’t have enough experience to know if they were good or bad there).
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