Alternative to RB

Questions and Answers about the best carb and Head mods available for the KDX.
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Alternative to RB

Post by targetman » 06:55 am Jul 16 2018

Since RB told me he was no longer working on the old KDX carbs, I started searching for someone else. I found Rich's website. Spoke with him and will be shipping my carb out.

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Alternative to RB

Post by John_S » 01:32 pm Jul 16 2018

If you haven't already sent it out, see if you can get a small magnifying glass above the needle jet (where the needle goes into) to see if its perfectly round. The needle jet is a wear item and is not replaceable on a PWK carb. I had a PWK 36 that I tried to jet way too long before I gave up. I checked and it was out of round. It makes it run really rich at or near idle like when you're jet block gasket is bad. The wear area will be towards the engine since the air coming in and the vacuum are pulling on the needle. It can only rub up and down so many times before it starts to make the hole oblong. Thank you for the heads up for the alternative. I'm not trying to be too much of a downer but don't want to see anyone fight with a carb as much as I did that 36.

Check out this picture. If your carb looks like that or starting to look like that you'd be better off buying a new PWK.
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Re: Alternative to RB

Post by KDXGarage » 02:03 pm Jul 16 2018

WOW. I can see the oval in that picture.
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Re: Alternative to RB

Post by kxfdx » 12:48 pm Feb 05 2019

How was the carbs performance? Pretty bummed RB isn't doing OEM carbs anymore, have a 200 carb in need of the special touch. Let us know

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