Fox Air Frame chest protector

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Fox Air Frame chest protector

Post by skipro3 » 06:42 pm May 06 2005

I picked one up on eBay last week mainly because I am tired of the chest protector I currently was using, an O'Neal Matrix. The O'Neal is a great chest protector in every way possible; light, comfortable, bullet proof on the trail. It does lack just a little bit of protection around the lower back so I snooped and waited for a good eBay deal.

First, the Airframe does not come in green. I bought a blue one because I think it would be the best looking on a rider mounted on a KDX. I deliberately stayed away from black as I don't need anything to keep me any warmer than I already get out where I ride. The other colors, orange, yellow, chrome, are not for me at all. What first catches my eye is the clear blue of the plastic. If someone ever made plastic bike parts of that material, they will make a million dollars over night. That would be a heck of a cool bike; see through color tinted plastic. Wow!!

The fit is great, but I prefer the open webbing of the shoulders in my O'Neal. The Airframe padding does not allow for as much air flow as the old O'Neal did. The Air frame does wrap my upper body better though and seems to stay in place much better, so overall, a better fit. I wish it was made for longer torsos, or came in a model that is cut longer for folks with longer torsos. The O'Neal is just maybe an inch longer. At least, it rides an inch lower anyway. That's not a big deal other than confidence factor; the more armor covering my body, the more aggressive I can be riding. The upper arm guards are on the small side and like every other arm protection I've used, they don't adjust out enough for my size of arm. I'm not a pumped up man by any means, and these things almost cut my circulation too much. The elastic will streach and wear out in time, then it won't matter, but until then, just be prepared to deal with a bit of constriction.
Critical hinged attachment points are with metal hardware on the Airframe. That's good. Sub assembly is with plastic screw/rivet type devises. The O'neal sewed on those spots so the Air Frame is much better in this area.

Over all, the Airframe is higher quality, better assembly and parts, and it's got cool color using the clear tint plastics. If you are in the market for a highly functional chest protector that doesn't require maximum air flow, is built to last, and is pretty too, this one will fill the ticket!

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Post by canyncarvr » 05:51 pm May 16 2005

I like my airframe. My Fox airframe. My GREEN Fox airframe, even. :wink:

It's got some wear and tear after a couple of years...but it sure has held up better than my last one did (the name of which I do not remember..Thor maybe).

I think it's a good piece of hardware.

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Post by tom » 01:08 pm Oct 16 2006

I like my fox airframe. Very good fit. I have the silver one, looks cool. Would not ride with out it.

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Post by AZRickD » 02:29 pm Oct 21 2006

He's talking about this one... ... style=1536
Fox Racing
Airframe Deflector

$89.99 - $139.99

I have this from Shift... $49 on sale. :wink:

I'd like to add some side protection.

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