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Nuetech Nitromousse

Posted: 03:05 pm Aug 19 2019
by Kdxfan4130
Where I ride it seems like trail debris can stop a ride in its tracks. In the last 6 months I’ve picked up more rusty nails than in the previous decades riding/racing.

No other product has been more effective in allowing me to keep riding with out any trail repairs. Pictures tell a 1000 words, and I didn’t get a pics of the other times it happened fml. Nuetech even sent out a free mousse when rmatv sent out a open box Nitromousse with the wrong sized product, along with 2 extra tubes of their silicone lube, and a free shirt! I know there are other brands but nuetech advertised that their design/formulation will last longer than Michelin mousse bibs but I have no experience to back that up. But I will say for a fact mounting up a lubed 305-18 mousse/new maxxis desert it 120/100 is not a walk in the park. After viewing various YouTube vids I was expecting a wrestling match. Armed with 7 tire irons, tusk tire mounting jig, c clamps, mp bead buddy I was able to do the job by myself... yeah I broke a decent sweat, taking about 30-40 minutes. But it’s worth not having to patch a tube on the side of a trail in 95* heat

Re: Nuetech Nitromousse

Posted: 03:13 pm Aug 19 2019
by KDXGarage
WOW. Where are you riding with nails on the ground?!

Good job to wrestle the mousse in there.

Re: Nuetech Nitromousse

Posted: 12:04 pm Aug 20 2019
by Kdxfan4130
Not a lot of riding areas close to home unfortunately. Good riding is a couple hrs away. So you make do with what you have near by. It’s sad people throw their trash anywhere it’s open