Shinko 525 Hybrid Cheater 110/100

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Shinko 525 Hybrid Cheater 110/100

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From their site:
Hybrid Cheater intermediate terrain Enduro/Extreme single track trail tire finds traction in the most extreme conditions.

The Cheater Hybrids a soft sticky trials style rubber compound on a moto-style carcass
Tread design and unique rubber compound works well in a wide variety of soil conditions
Where a Trials tire falls short in braking and loose soil conditions, the 525 Cheater bridges that gap to make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tire
"It's almost like cheating" The 525 has an open tread pattern that shines in soft/loose and loamy terrain
Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain

Al I have to say is I agree with ALL of the above.
My DR350 had trials type tires on when I bought it so I know what those are like in the same conditions.
The KDX had the original rubber when I bought it. After installing the Shinko on, the traction was unbelievable!
You want a tire that really hooks up? Shinko Cheater. Gummy soft, so if your looking for a tire that lasts, this aint it.
Really puts a smile on my face.
FYI Bridgestone M-59 80/100 front, and no complaints with that either.
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