Atrax TG4 rear tire

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Atrax TG4 rear tire

Post by KDF200X » 02:23 pm Jul 26 2019

Hay all,

Figured I'd throw up a quick review in case anyone was on the fence.

First off this is without any question a soft terrain (bordering on sand) tire.
The lugs are oriented in crescent rows.(think micro paddles) I live and ride in Michigan, lots of sand and some soil thrown on top.

The tire is great provided you stick with the intended terrain, it Hooks Up!(not a wheel spinner f.y.i.) Its clear strong suit is forward. Locking up the break is where this gets to be a preference thing. With good balance it will stay true and straight, but if you don't things get interesting/fun. Due to the crescent form of the inner lugs it will slide out to the side lugs quickly. Awesome if intended and sketchy if not. Side lugs are very Shure and will provide ample traction to hold a slide and or lay it low. 100x90x19" tried currently.

The wider tires are more vertically stable on breaking, and many of the group have switched to the 110 and 120 mm versions on the big bore 4 strokes.

These are a niche tire but they perform and are priced Cheep ~$60 alone or ~$90 as a set with tubes.

Have fun, ride safe everyone.
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Re: Atrax TG4 rear tire

Post by treelimb » 09:00 pm Jul 31 2019

who would've thought you guys have sand in Michigan. Oh yeah, you have the great lakes and all.

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