EVS R2 collar

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EVS R2 collar

Post by KDF200X » 01:29 pm Feb 06 2019

Hello again
Thought I would share some experiences with this.
When I got my first proper dirt bike a few years ago, this was one of just a couple pieces of gear I bought before I even rode it.(I was coming off of a mini bike and got a 450) I had to learn to use a clutch of all things, so I knew I was in for it.(groups mentally is 'It's not if you get hurt, it's when and how bad'...now you going to ride or not?) It took me a week to get comfortable with the bike. (I was riding daily in the woods out back) I hit my first ORV trail with little issue, but the next day the neighbor was ok with me throwing a leg over his 250f. The results were not good, he had trimmed over 2" of his bars and I didn't take a berm how I intended to. The bike cased and perched on this 4' tall berm, I fell to the inside still mounted on the bike, my shoulder and helmet hit the ground. My shoulder gave and helmet rested on the R2 collar, my shoulder stopped, and then gave again.(second give was when the bikes momentum caught up) I had rotated ~120°(around the frames base just forward the linkage) before contacting the ground. I rode off with a grade 3 chromeo- clavical separation, but no real injuries to my neck.

About a year and a half later I was ripping 2nd gear through the woods and suddenly found myself flying Superman style.(I tend not to remember the significant crashes/dismounts just the slow motion adrenaline oh $#!+ reaction time before landing/impact) I saw a tree directly in front of me and looked down to straighten my spine before impact. The next thing I felt was imense pressure and a hot shooting sensation go from the base of my skull to the tips of the fingers on my left hand. Again I walked away, this time with a minor spinal compression.

These are not good things but I don't think I would still be functional today if I hadn't been wearing the R2. I don't honesty believe it is the best but I won't ride hard without my(toilet seat, as we lovingly refferd to them) neck pad.

This said, if it doesn't fit it will not work. Ready to go there is about 1-1.5".......25-40mm of gap between the neck roll and my helmets on all sides.(more below the chin) The collar should be snug to your neck and if leaning your head it should contact the neck roll, not slip past it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and ride safe everyone.
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Re: EVS R2 collar

Post by KDXGarage » 06:05 pm Feb 06 2019

Wow. Those sound like some nasty get offs. I am glad you are OK. Thanks for the report.
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