Jetsrus and the limbs personal experience

A reference for the PWK carbs...
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Jetsrus and the limbs personal experience

Post by treelimb »

So because G(KDX) and the rest of the entire forum have been adamant regarding jet block gaskets and the virtues thereof, i broke down and went against EVERYTHING I believe in and put my debit card on PAYPAL via their "guest" usage venue since i am not on PAYPAL. I rely on Kawasaki Of Rome Ga. and Kris Lemaster in parts(family owner) to get me anything i have ever needed. G has stepped up more than once as well.

But anyway, as I dreaded the possibility of my stuff being hacked, I was also ladened with why i have not gotten a "been shipped" deal ,I quit working on a big project to inquire regarding the prior mentioned.

I emailed Mike at jetsrus with the specifics(@13:10) and he replied very promptly. mind blowing quick actually. He had found the order but it didn't appear to have been shipped.He declared that he would research and find out. That was at 13:17.

At 17:14, CST same as me, Mike replied with the news that issues in PAYPAL required him to have a rather lengthy conversation with whomever at PP,and my order would not let him print a shipping label yet it did not show up as an unshipped item. dude at PP was equally stumped,have never encountered this. SO,Mike at jetsrus manually printed /created a ship label and would get it out asap this morning.

At 01:00 this morning,I was emailed a reply stating my jet block gasket had been shipped and is enroute.

That means that Mike at Jetsrus went way above and beyond to get my $22.40 order filled and shipped. I sincerely appreciate that fact and wanted to share that fact with my fellow KDXRIDERS.NET peeps. Like with Old Milwaukee beer,it doesn't get better that that.

I will order form them again. :kick: :supz: :mrgreen:
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Re: Jetsrus and the limbs personal experience

Post by SS109 »

Yeah, the guys at J-r-U are really good at taking care off you. I go to them first whenever I need carb parts. Plus, you know you're never getting cheap, out-of-spec, Chinese knockoffs.
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Re: Jetsrus and the limbs personal experience

Post by KDXGarage »

Good. We'll get it installed and see how it goes.

For anyone who has not checked lately. hold onto your wallets.

Jet block gasket pricing from this week:

Jetsrus - $14.41 (plus $7.99 shipping)
Sudco - $16.98 (plus shipping)

The Sudco online price list shows $4.41. I called to make sure. NOPE. $16.98. The guy said Keihin (pronounced KAY-heen) had gone up on them.
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Re: Jetsrus and the limbs personal experience

Post by John_S »

I've had great experiences with Mike over there. Called him a couple times when I was looking at a new carb. That oring is big bucks for what it is. New carb prices are up. I got my 35AS (1.5-2 years ago) for 189. They're 229 now. Jets and slides are still the same cost.
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