Vforce3 reeds

A reference for the PWK carbs...
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Re: Vforce3 reeds

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Re: Vforce3 reeds

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It’s not the jetting.
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Re: Vforce3 reeds

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There's a interesting you tube video on reed valves, a boysen rep shows you different dyno readings with standard, boysen and other ones, seems like you waste money by changing them, genuine reeds was making the better horse power. I put v force in my boys cr 85 . It's not worth the money, my opinion. I also used boysen dual stage in my kdx 250sr. Soon got rid of them. Now high tech carbon fibre. Work great..
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Re: Vforce3 reeds

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The sleeve in the cylinder has to be a super tight press fit. You can’t use any sort of glue or JB weld or anything. JB is an insulator. It will now not allow the heat from the sleeve to transfer to the aluminum cylinder and be carried away by the bikes cooling system. You’ve in effect, insulated your combustion chamber. I’d give it maybe 1-2 rides before you overheat the piston and cook the engine. Worst of all, is because no heat is actually making it through to the cooling system, you won’t even have a boil over to alert you. Probably just seize while riding.

With regards to it not starting, the jetting is not the culprit. Even if the jetting is horribly wrong on these bikes, they will still run, albeit rich or lean. Try cleaning the jets in the carb, and check the jet block gasket.

Thirdly, E3 spark plugs are junk. Worse in every way compared to stock even. Do not use them.

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