JD needle specs

A reference for the PWK carbs...
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JD needle specs

Post by smelonas »

fixed it. there ya go.
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Re: JD needle specs

Post by kdxdazz »

in 1 year nobody has corrected this. jd needle cannot be 2.88mm it wouldn't even fit in the emulsion tube if it was
1174 needle is 2.74mm not 2.78mm, the clue is in the name lol
not only that you said the jd red and blue needle are the same diameter yet the straight diameter is the only difference,
974 views and nobody has said anything
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Re: JD needle specs

Post by SS109 »

Well, you could have corrected it a year ago! :mrgreen:

I couldn't correct it. I don't have the info myself as I have never purchased one.
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Re: JD needle specs

Post by Slick_Nick »

I never liked the JD needles. CEK or DEK for me depending on the power delivery I’m after.
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