Vforce3 reeds

A reference for the PWK carbs...
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Re: Vforce3 reeds

Post by Molly's 70 » 05:04 am Jan 28 2019

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Re: Vforce3 reeds

Post by doakley » 09:50 am Jan 28 2019

It’s not the jetting.
(mike drop)

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Re: Vforce3 reeds

Post by Dan 250sr » 05:37 am Feb 10 2019

There's a interesting you tube video on reed valves, a boysen rep shows you different dyno readings with standard, boysen and other ones, seems like you waste money by changing them, genuine reeds was making the better horse power. I put v force in my boys cr 85 . It's not worth the money, my opinion. I also used boysen dual stage in my kdx 250sr. Soon got rid of them. Now high tech carbon fibre. Work great..

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