2005 kdx 220 conversion

Questions and comments about converting to beefier forks..
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Re: 2005 kdx 220 conversion

Post by Malibu406 » 08:24 pm Jul 10 2019

Nothing against professionals, but I enjoy doing it myself as much as riding. Same with old cars.

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Re: 2005 kdx 220 conversion

Post by doakley » 08:23 pm Jul 11 2019

Agree 100%. When I did my conversion I was interested in top results so used a pro tuner who had done this before. I love them!

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Re: 2005 kdx 220 conversion

Post by TwistedRoot » 05:01 pm Oct 18 2019

Malibu: I was wondering how you made out with your setup. Im about to do a rebuild/revalve on my '99s. I wasnt crazy about the handling of the bike after the conversion but I didnt do anything other than pull the forks up in the clamps. They could be much better!
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Re: 2005 kdx 220 conversion

Post by KDXGarage » 07:48 pm Oct 18 2019

replace o-ring with a spring

check the midvalve float

soften the base valve

make sure you have the correct rate springs / good bushings, seals, oil, etc.
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