After gold valves and shock rebuild

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After gold valves and shock rebuild

Post by bikeman2502001 » 08:56 am May 23 2020

Finally got to ride yesterday and sure am sore all over a good thing i need the exercise. The forks are much better with the gold valves,springs and 7.5 weight. I liked the better rebound with the thicker oil, muck better control all around, neither end unloaded on me like before the shock preformed alot better I did not touch the valving when i did the service Surprisingly the suspension loved the fast stuff, when the woops get alot farther apart and speed was up 4th and 5th gear I could really feel that the suspension was well balanced on both ends and I no longer had the rebound problem that i had before in the shock . I think the front end is done but im going to revalve the compression dampening in the shock as a first step to see if I can get it better on square edge stuff as it wasnt too good in that department. Both ends stay up in the travel well not soft and mushy surprisingly Going again Sunday as our National forest just opened up. Keep the rubber side down!

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Re: After gold valves and shock rebuild

Post by KDXGarage » 01:08 pm May 23 2020

Nice report! Get out and ride.
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