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Re: 1993 KDX 250 Questions...

Posted: 09:23 am Jul 14 2018
by KDXGarage
Rangerman wrote:
Jason wrote:You can lead a horse to water.

This comment was not necessary at all and a bit to snarky for me given that all I have intended to do is post this experience to hopefully be of benefit to others who may have similar issues.
I have not even attempted to clean up the cylinder yet in any way and you have already determined it needs to be re-plated?
I have also cross posted this experience in a more limited fashion on another trusted forum and received quite different responses from two specific sources that I personally confide in that have a different opinion based on their experience and given this KDX's intended use.
I am not an expert in these matters nor have I suggested otherwise I just thought that since this was a KDX specific forum that I would give a detailed account from start to finish of issues that I am encountering that others may be able to glean from now or in the future.
Perhaps you might re-examine the way that you respond to others who contribute to this forum in the future as you might do more harm than good by turning potential contributors away with inappropriate responses to their questions and/or decisions.

Sorry to sound so blunt. I guess you are not convinced it needs replating.

"you have already determined it needs to be re-plated?"

Yes. Not just me, either. The cylinder plating is worn out and the cylinder needs to be replated. You have mentioned "cleaning it up" or something like that. It made me think you are just wanting to continue to run it instead of replating it. Sorry.

1993 KDX 250 Questions...

Posted: 02:36 pm Jul 14 2018
by SS109
From looking at your pics, and what you have stated, I'm just sharing my knowledge and experience with Kawasaki cylinders and that plating appears shot but I leave room that I could be wrong. Like I already mentioned, shiny spots mean you're in to the base metal (ie; soft aluminum) and pistons/rings don't live under those conditions very long no matter what anyone says. The plating is literally only a few thousandths of inch thick to begin with so, if you can feel a ridge with your finger (normally indicating more than a few 1/1000") , it needs to be replated. Please don't take my word. Take it to several professionals and get their opinions. I'm definitely not trying to be a smartass. Just trying to share what I know so you don't potentially end up with a galled cylinder, a destroyed piston, and have to get it repaired (if it can be) and replated anyway.